Learn to DJ with Angel Lee

Learn how to mix and DJ your favourite songs through hands-on experience on this three day DJing course!

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Age: 11+
Prior experience: 
University of Huddersfield and Small Seeds
10am – 3pm, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th July 2019
2pm – 8pm, Monday 8th July 2019*
(Sound check and practice from 2pm, performance starts at 6pm)
*Monday attendance is optional
If there are any problems attending both days (Sat & Sun), where you may only be able to attend one, please do get in touch with us and we will try to accommodate. e.d.dobson@hud.ac.uk

This 3 day workshop will begin with DJ Angel Lee talking about DJing, her DJ experiences and paths into the music industry. You will then learn how the DJ equipment works and how to set it up confidently. You will explore different genres of musical styles, from Rnb to house music and develop an understanding of how to work with style, tempo and pitch. This will enable you to learn the technicalities of the DJing and how to beat match.

You will be able to practise on professional equipment, study additional music production tips, and create your own playlist / mini mix!

On this course you will also learn about the industry: training and professional avenues you can take, and how to market and promote your brand. At the end of the course, each student will perform in a small local venue. You will DJ your very first set to an audience of friends and family. This is important for giving you further confidence and understanding of DJing within realistic surroundings.


  • Learning about setting up DJ equipment and software
  • Studying the technicalities of beat matching and BPMs
  • Learning about different genres of music and considerations for DJing
  • Learning about how the DJ industry works
  • Self promotion and marketing within the Music industry

Angel Lee is a dj in Leeds. Holding residencies all over the city, including Mission, Revolution and Angelica, she has a passion for music of all genres. Having been a full time dj for over 10 years, and owning her first pair of decks over 20 years ago, she’s Dj’d all over the country and in Dubai and Marbella for brands & companies such as Candypants, Mulberry, Dior and Selfridges and is also a regular dj for Emmerdale parties. 

Having written a published piece about the lack of females in the industry for her Masters Degree, Angel Lee has a keen interest in making music roles more accessible to females. Working in a male oriented industry, she feels strongly about this and hopes that her passion and previous experience of teaching Djing in schools will help bring support to YSWN and new opportunities to young females. 

* these workshops are for young women and non-binary gender people