Electronic India

Working with three experts, this weekend offers the opportunity to learn about music technology and Indian music through performance and composition.

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Age: 11+ (upper age limit is 22)
Prior experience:
Introductory level
University of Huddersfield
When: 13th and 14th July 2019
10am – 3pm

Indian music vocalist Supriya Nagarajan is joined with electronic music specialist Jess Aslan and Metal producer Mark Mynett to deliver a fusion project on Indian vocal music and performance, computer music and studio based music production. The weekend will use professional facilities as it is hosted at the University of Huddersfield. You will learn music technology fundamentals such as sound recording, production and making your own beats, as well as the structure and use of Indian musical scales, giving you the building blocks to make your own pop music remix. You will then have the opportunity to explore your own sounds in a professional music recording studio, where you will be guided on how to edit and create your own original piece of music within the studio itself!

Learning outcomes 

  • Understand the basics of sound recording
  • Learn about Indian music scales  
  • Develop critical listening within a group setting
  • Understand what happens in a recording studio
  • Direct the production of an original track  
  • Discover sequencing within a music studio
  • Collaborate and support peers in a music technology environment 

Electronic India in the studio is a continuation of a 2018 project curated by Liz Dobson in collaboration with SELFA, https://www.selfa.org.uk. Over two weekends Arts Leaders Jess Aslan and Supriya Nagarajan worked with young people delivering workshops involving interactive technology and Indian vocals.

The Team

Arts leader Jess Aslan is a musician who works with synths, computers and all the bits in between. She has been running community music projects since 2005, with particular focus on working with adults with additional needs. Her research integrates performance using instruments combined with computers and music tech education for all. She has is specialist in music technology curriculum design, with a focus on practices that encourage students to learn through collaboration. You can find out more about Jess here http://www.xica.co.uk/

Arts leader Supriya Nagarajan is one of the most sort-out Carnatic vocalists in the UK and she has performed around the world in India, Thailand, Cambodia and cities across Europe and the UK. She founded UK based arts organization Manasamitra as a way of fulfilling her passion for music, and for presenting traditional and contemporary Indian art to give UK audiences an ambience of India, its tradition and culture.

Supriya is passionate in empowering young and emerging artists to realise their dreams. Through her organization Manasamitra she supports over 40 artists locally and nationally and is an active mentor in the local community to artists and school children alike seeking out ways to create career pathways and opportunities for individuals to overcome socio-economic barriers and achieve their goals. Supriya’s projects include ‘Festival of Conversations’, ‘Life of a Bee’, ‘lullaby’ and ‘Shivoham’ – connecting science, Indian music performance, technology, community and culture. For more information please visit Supriya’s website http://www.manasamitra.com/.

Arts Leader Mark Mynett is a record producer, engineer, mix and mastering engineer, and live music engineer, and has been a Senior Lecturer in Music Technology and Production at the University of Huddersfield since 2006. In recent years, he has gained more work within the live music arena, with highlights including front-of-house sound engineer at Download Festival, Donnington Park, and Bloodstock Festival, Catton Hall, as well as 2/3,000 capacity venue shows in mainland Europe.

* these workshops are for girls and young non-binary gender people