Make Electronic Music

Introduction to electronic music production with Caro C
Learn some of the core skills of being a music composer, electronic music producer and sound engineer in one weekend.

Caro C

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Age: 11+ (upper age limit is 22)
University of Huddersfield
When: Saturday 27th – Sunday 28th July 2019
10am – 3pm
No previous musical experience necessary.

Course Description

Make your own piece of music or song in one weekend from scratch.

Looking at the original ‘Dr Who’ theme written by the electronic music Composer Delia Derbyshire as a framework and the music software app ‘GarageBand’ on iPads, this course will help you gain an understanding of the building blocks of music and provide inspiration for you to make your own music. You will learn how to make, record, sample and mix sounds and music and by the end of the weekend, you will have your own track you can be proud of and share.


  • Learn about the common building blocks of music, i.e. rhythm, melody, harmony
  • Learn how to write and structure a piece of music
  • Learn how to use the GarageBand app
  • Collaborate with others to envision your own piece of music
  • Grasp and explore sampling, recording and mixing music
  • Understand and experiment with MIDI notation and arrangement – editing, quantising and velocity
  • Understand and experiment with audio recording – mic placement & input levels
  • Understand and experiment with audio effects – reverb and echo
  • Give and receive peer support

Workshop leader Caro C

Caro C defines herself as an artist, engineer and facilitator in sound. Described as a “sonic enchantress” (BBC Radio 3) and a “one-woman electronic avalanche”, Caro produces and performs her own brand of spacey electronic music with piano, voice and random objects such as a ping pong ball or everyday sounds like ice cubes clinking in a glass. She has produced three albums, written music for film and theatre, and even appeared on CBBC with Dick and Dom! Caro is passionate about helping you learn to express your through music and technology.

Based in Manchester, she has designed and delivers electronic music projects in schools and community projects.

Find out more about Caro at her website
Listen to Caro’s music on Soundcloud
Listen to Caro’s latest album “Everything Gives to Something Else”

* these workshops are for girls and young non-binary gender people