Everyday Everywhere is a Sound

Sound Art and Performance with everyday objects

No usual instruments? So how do we make music? Can we find music everywhere in our everyday experiences? Can we use kitchenware, something from our bags or our favourite objects that are very important to us? How about balloons or street litter? There is sound and music everywhere that excites us and reminds us of memories and invoke our senses.

This two-day free workshop offers girls the opportunity to explore sound and music within our environment as well as getting introduced to different kind of electronics. You will learn about sound art and physical techniques to build sound kinetic instruments with daily objects. We will create a sound sculpture and perform with it!

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Age: 11+ (upper age limit is 22)
Prior experience: 
University of Huddersfield
When: Saturday 10th and 11th August 2019,
10am – 3pm

Course Description

Day 1 

The workshop will begin with an exploration of your favourite sounds and discovery of new sounds we can hear through instruments and everyday objects within our environment. These objects can be anything from toys, stationary, household items, tools and more!

You will have the opportunity to discover how these sounds can interact with electronics, by combining them with kinetic motors and portable vibration speakers, also known as transducers.

Day 2

Inspired by the opportunity to make music out of everyday objects, you will collaborate together as a group and have the opportunity to build and compose your own piece of music/sound installation.


  • Learn the basics of handheld vibration speakers (transducers) and motors
  • Learn the basics of pure data (sine tones)
  • Learn and develop soldering skills
  • Develop skills in listening to the environment
  • Learn the physics of the listening process
  • Develop knowledge around vibration and frequency

Ryoko Akama is a sound artist/composer/performer. She uses mundane daily objects such as paper balloons and glass bottles to create automated sound sculptures. She co-organises ame organisation, melange music label and mumei publishing. She has provided workshops to schools and universities, and continuously works with organisations and artists.

Eleanor Cully is an artist and composer. She makes works with text, images and sound and has delivered sound workshops to adults and children with YSWN, ame and HCMF. She also works for Musica Kirklees and teaches voice privately. www.eleanorcully.co.uk

* these workshops are for girls and young non-binary gender people